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About Orinoco Children's Books

Orinoco is a storybook brand that aims to enrich kids imagination through enchanting stories that inspire them to wonder about the world around them and motivates them to find the questions that they need for answering those questions. While children enjoy discovering the way transcendental inventions were created, when and how important events happened in the history of humanity, among other relevant topics; they can also develop social skills related to emotional intelligence. 

The characters of the stories of Orinoco live a conglomerate of adventures in which they need to use their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills in order to give solution to their odyssey and achieve their objectives. Kids can develop empathy with the characters and relate to their behaviors, for using the same skills in difficult situations they might face. 

The mission of our books is to use the marvelous world of literature, for contributing to children’s personal growth, by nurturing their mind and teaching them to express their emotions healthily.


Key Highlights

Good to Know

Boy Reading Tablet


Our books teach kids about history, engineering, art, science, and general culture.

Mother and Daughter

Children’s personal growth:

Our books help kids to develop cognitive and social skills related to emotional intelligence, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Two Friends with a Tablet


Our books inspire kids to wonder about the world around them and to find answers to those questions.


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